E-Trade service

Service for traders who aim to develop on financial markets or are going to manage investor capital in the future

5 instruments

for development in trading

$500+ per month

trader's income in a year

1-2 years 

term of joining our team

Trading signals

Trading signals for active traders who want to trade on various instruments and have a 100% influence on their income

up to 10 signals a day

for active trading

80% of signals

are closed positively 

15% per month

average profit

Стратегии автоследования

Сервис для трейдеров, кто по различным причинам недоволен своими результатами и хочет торговать по сигналам публичных трейдеров команды Атимекс

8 стратегий

трейдеров команды Атимекс

5 уровней

защита капитала

8% в месяц

средняя доходность

Strategy panel

Adviser that allows you to download ready-made or design your own strategies, perform their backtesting and trade from a mobile phone

5 strategies

built into Adviser

50 parameters

for strategies creation



Capital protection module

Adviser that protects trader's deposit in automatic mode by the virtue of 25 built-in functions

5 parameters

of risk management 

10 features

for profit protection

5 modes

for result improvements

Trading forecasts

Market trading forecasts for traders who doubt whether it is worth cooperating with us and developing in the Atimex team

1-2 entry points

per day

up to 20 forecasts

per month

up to 5 videos 

per month regarding trading


Possibility of profit-making while performing transactions on OTC Forex market is inextricably connected with the risk of loss. This activity is appropriate for not all the investors and traders. Leverage increase raises the risk while performing transactions. The results of previous trading operations do not guarantee the same results in the future.


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