Gather your team of partners and earn from $20,000 per year

Comprehensive income for a team of partners

up to 70% of own investments

up to 60% of brokerage commission

up to 30% of the remuneration of Atimex from the customers' profit

How to gather a team and start earning

Join the closed club of Atimex partners

Understand robots and read
the terms of the affiliate program

Tell your friends about trading robots

Trading robots and strategies earn more than 100% per annum for our clients

Start building a team of partners

A team of partners can attract $1 million per year if each partner invites only 3 acquaintances

Trading robots will earn
for you

Trading robots can generate an income of $250,000 for your team in the form
of commission and profit bonuses

Generate multiple sources
of income

The average partner's income is 70% or $2,000 from their own investments and 8% or $18,000 from the team's income

Why our partners make profit

Investments on the most
popular assets

Trading robots allow you to make profit on currencies, oil, gold, stocks, indices

High profitability
and stable results

Trading robots bring profit up to 250% per year and allow you to build portfolios to reduce risks

Safe and easy
investment process

You can invest and manage risks through the investment platform without wasting time and money on VPS servers

Cases of our partners

29 years, Sochi

I started working with Atimex and OpenFX broker in 2019. I started out as a regular trader. I passed all the free courses of Timur Aslanov, then I proceeded to the closed education. Since then I have been trading. Now I have already reached the level that I help newcomers in our closed club of traders. I want to reach the level of a professional manager like Timur. After launching the investment platform and robots, I have invested part of my capital in these instruments for diversification.

In general, I have been in this field for almost 10 years. On the basis of another broker, we formed our own multi-level structure. But they did not have such technologies and a convenient platform. Therefore, as soon as there was a talk that the project “Gather your team” would be launched, I began to transfer my own here. It was as easy as shelling pears, because it has its own development of robots, support, a convenient platform for investing and connecting robots, great affiliate rates, and most importantly, the opportunity to earn comprehensively! In general, I am sure that this way of promoting goods and services is the future. So 15 people appeared in my team. But I got results, I saw that robots really work, and therefore I began to tell my friends and relatives about how and on what I earn, what profit I get using Atimex products. Really. Many are interested in this. Who doesn't want to earn!

Cases of our partners

50 years, Krasnodar

I have been working with Atimex for two years already. Several years ago I decided to take up investments, I did not understand at all where to invest, whether I could do it and whether I would not lose all the money. One evening I was looking through the Facebook feed and saw an advertisement for Timur Aslanov's wokshop, I decided, well, no matter what, they don’t take money anyway. In the end, as it turned out, now it is not necessary to understand all the finances and economics yourself, you can install a robot that will do everything for you.

This is what I used. For the current year, the robot brought me 135%, which of course I am infinitely happy about. Of course, in conversations with friends, over and over again it has slipped what I was earning. My son-in-law and I even put bets on whether I would lose money or not. When I showed the results of the robot's work, naturally they also wanted to. I wrote to the manager, and they told me that I can not only connect my friends, but also receive money with them through an affiliate program. As a result, a week later I began to assemble a team: I connected my son-in-law, two friends and a colleague from work. I didn't get much for them, but considering that I didn't lift a finger, this money made me happy. For a year, I think I will have at least a good vacation for the whole family. Now we are forming the next level of the program: the son-in-law has 2 invitees, friends have added one at a time, and a colleague from work has added three.

Cases of our partners

23 years, Vladimir region

I am 23 years old and I have two children: my son is 2 years old, the baby is 8 months old. Before their birth, I worked as an accountant at a local construction company, but I had to go on maternity leave. At this time, just in all social networks, they began to widely advertise work on the Internet. Where I haven’t tried myself: both as a copywriter and websites, I even tried to master the design, but it still did not work out, it turned out to be not so easy to find clients.. Then I accidentally saw an advertisement that you can work in the world of investments, invite friends, collect team and get paid for it.

I liked the idea. I have already tried myself in the network, in general it worked. but then marriage, children ... And everything came to naught. The sphere is certainly unfamiliar, it was difficult at first to figure it out, some panels, candles, one platform, the second, God, what for? The brain was boiling, the children were distracting. I studied while the baby was sleeping. I talked to the manager, asked a million questions. I once even asked, "you probably think that I'm stupid, that's why I ask questions." But my manager, on the contrary, supported me, said that I was great, I asked questions so I wanted to figure it out. And so it was. I was looking for motivation. After watching the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.)) I really wanted to do something like that and be rich, so when they told me all the details, I decided to try and agreed to become a partner. But everything turned out quite differently...

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Possibility of profit-making while performing transactions on OTC Forex market is inextricably connected with the risk of loss. This activity is appropriate for not all the investors and traders. Leverage increase raises the risk while performing transactions. The results of previous trading operations do not guarantee the same results in the future.


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