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How to get 100$ on the card:

Register and get
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This will help us understand that
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Send the link to friends and acquaintances

Tell them about our robots and invite them to attend a workshop or online presentation

Get $100 and withdraw it
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When your friend opens an account with
a partner broker and uses our services

Stories of our partners

37 years, Krasnodar

How did I get $400 in 3 days? Everything is simple. After one of Timur's workshops, I connected to Golden Eagle. When I closed the third month positively, I told my friends. Someone skeptical, someone with interest, but promised to check the info. As a result, they liked the advisor and after 3 days, after a glass of foam, we decided to make money together. Then I asked Atimex technical support about the possibility of connecting my friends. And then I was told that they would not only be connected without problems, but I will also be paid $100 for each. As a result, I received $400 and another reason to meet with friends to discuss our results.

Stories of our partners

28 years, Kyiv

After connecting to the advisor at Atimex, I was told that I could earn $100 just by inviting a friend. But it was not particularly interesting to me, I came to invest, not invite friends. But the manager was persistent. I decided to try it. I made several screenshots with the results, posted a couple of posts on social networks. Soon they began to write questions about the what was it. I sent a link with the code to the landing page and offered to ask all questions on the Skype presentation to the Atimex specialist. As a result, I received $300. To be honest, it turned out to be easier than I thought.

Stories of our partners

41 year, Sochi

I earned my first $100 with Atimex the next day, after connecting to the Mann-bot advisor. Money has never been so easy for me. My friend and I were going to invest, but she had some problems with the bank, so she could not start with me on the same day. After connecting, I was told that I could earn just by inviting a friend. I immediately thought that it was possible to register a friend using my link. We did just that. In the end, it turned out to be the lightest $100 in my life!

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Possibility of profit-making while performing transactions on OTC Forex market is inextricably connected with the risk of loss. This activity is appropriate for not all the investors and traders. Leverage increase raises the risk while performing transactions. The results of previous trading operations do not guarantee the same results in the future.


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