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Trading robot

is a program that makes a decision to buy or sell stocks or other financial instruments based on a built-in trading algorithm

The "Golden Eagle" robot is a unique trend robot based on a combination of author's candlestick patterns. The robot does not use indicators, and therefore can detect a trend change in the early stages, the entry point is selected at moments of correction from the main trend, which allows you to perform fast and profitable transactions. The robot works on three pairs GBP/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/JPY:




Pair's indicators for all the time

Pair's indicators for the year

Pair's indicators for all the time

Pair's indicators for the year

Pair's indicators for all the time

Pair's indicators for the year

Strategy indicators for three instruments

Current profit

Доходность счета с момента его создания.


Maximum drawdown

Максимальная просадка, которую стратегя допустила на данном счете за последние 12 месяцев.


Min. investment amount

Минимальная сумма, с которой можно подключиться к стратегии. Значение зависит от многих факторов: стратегии торговли, потенциального дохода инвестора ($), вознаграждение мастера и т.д.

от 1 000 USD

Account age

Возраст счета - важный показатель при оценке надежности торговли управляющего. Чем дольше существует счет, тем выше вероятность, что результаты на нем репрезентативные.

71 месяц

Master's fund

Инвестиции мастера в свой счет, которыми он рискует наравне с инвесторами. Чем больше сумма собственных средств, тем консервативнее торгует мастер.

1 000 USD

Master's profit

Торговый результат от совершения операций с момента создания счета.

3 137 USD

Investors' fund

Совокупная сумма средств инвесторов, подключенных к этой стратегии. Чем выше сумма, тем выше коэффициент доверия со стороны крупных инвесторов.

443 000 USD

Количество инвесторов подключенных к данному мастеру.

Number of investors


Testimonials on "Golden Eagle" trading robot

Calculate the time to reach the desired income in the investor's calculator by choosing the appropriate strategy

Safe strategies

Does not use strategies based on martingale and grid strategies, thanks to this, you can easily close all transactions and save the deposit from a large drawdown

High activity

The robot opens transactions almost every day, thanks to this you see the results immediately and you do not have to wait for long results

Diversified algorithm

The robot trades in 3 pairs at the same time, thanks to this, risks are reduced, since when one currency pair is minus, the result for another overlaps (compensates)

Individual settings by risks and profitability

You can set the settings according to your wishes, namely you can focus on capital protection and then the drawdown will not exceed 5-10% or vice versa for a fast capital increase and then you can get 200-600% per year

Stable results

The most important thing when investing is to preserve capital and get stable results. The robot shows an average profit of 8% per month for 13 consecutive months. Thus, if you start investing from the beginning of the month, then there is a very high probability that at the end of the month you will earn as much as in 10 years in a bank on a foreign currency deposit

24/5 trading

The robot trades automatically around the clock 5 days a week and allows you to earn money for you every day. At the same time, you can look at the transactions that he opened at any time and close them if they do not suit you



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Possibility of profit-making while performing transactions on OTC Forex market is inextricably connected with the risk of loss. This activity is appropriate for not all the investors and traders. Leverage increase raises the risk while performing transactions. The results of previous trading operations do not guarantee the same results in the future.


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