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Trading robot

is a program that allows you to invest on financial markets in an automatic mode according to a set algorithm. The algorithm is developed by professional traders and asset managers based on trading strategies that allow you to make profit in both growing and falling markets.


Brent Bot is a trading robot that shows stable results for Brent crude oil. The robot's algorithm contains several trading strategies that work in different phases of the market. It calmly waits out flat movements without any fuss, quickly reacts to abrupt trend changes and works especially well in long-term trends.

Professional investors choose the BRENT BOT robot for the following reasons:

Robot profitability chart

Monthly profit



You open an investment account with a regulated broker and transfer funds to it. In the process of investing, the login and password for the account are stored only with you. At any time you can complete investment and withdraw funds*.


In the investment platform, you can protect capital in three ways: by forming a portfolio of various strategies/robots, set a loss limiter for each account and reduce the risk using decreasing multipliers*.


To connect, no VPS, no special skills or knowledge are required, since the connection takes place through the Atimex investment platform in three clicks, with the full support of the company's consultant.

* Attention! 

We work ONLY with regulated brokers who bring transactions to the interbank market and are interested in the stable results of their clients.

** The multiplier is a function in the investment platform that allows you to reduce risks due to the fact that transactions on the investor's account will be opened with a volume of two times less than on the account where the robot is installed.


Look for an alternative to your current investment, but doubts arise:

Is a robot appropriate for you in terms of risk and return?

Are your investments protected somehow?

How to check out the results on myfxbook?

How quickly can I get my investment back?

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Possibility of profit-making while performing transactions on OTC Forex market is inextricably connected with the risk of loss. This activity is appropriate for not all the investors and traders. Leverage increase raises the risk while performing transactions. The results of previous trading operations do not guarantee the same results in the future.


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