Guide on work
with stocks

How to make more than 20% per annum on Tesla and Google and do not run into scammers

What worries a newcomer investor:

Where to invest?

6% in the bank or from 20% on stocks

What to select?

Bitcoin, Lukoil or Microsoft

How not to lose?

Earnings in crisis and capital protection

How to identify scammers?

Ostap Bender, Mavrodi and other scammers

From guide you will learn:

2 800 руб.


About authors

Vladimir Kudin

Head of Investment Academy

One of the most successful Atimex students, after training became a trader in the company specializing in investments. He wrote several educational articles including on shares. "In this guide, we have included the basic rules, without which one cannot make a step in the world of investment."

29 years

4 years in trading

80 000$ portfolio

47% profit in 2019

Timur Aslanov

Head of Trading Academy

Developed 3 practical courses for traders, recorded over 400 reviews on financial markets. More than 2.5 thousand traders conduct transactions on Timur's signals every day. Since 2019, he has been trading with traders online, analyzing transactions, talking about new strategies and trading ideas, making money on stocks, metals, oil and currencies.

30 years

6 years in trading

250 000$ portfolio

68% profit in 2019

Roman Voronin

I develop a service for active investment in stocks at Atimex

Area of expertise: foreign exchange and stock markets
Education: Two higher: technical - "Information Technology", economic - "Investment Management"
Specialization: Creation of automatic strategies and the formation of investment portfolios based on Markowitz theory

30 years

5 years in trading

52 000$ portfolio

92% profit in 2019

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Newcomer investor

I've learned a lot about investing by studying this guide. Now I can invest and make money on it.


Newcomer investor

Subscribed to the channel, waiting for new videos to be released. In general, I learned a lot of new things for myself) I use the Guide as an instruction, it's okay for the start


Newcomer investor

The information is laconically presented, no water. It was useful to me


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