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up to 15% 

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Expected funding

up to 500%

Expected return on investment

5 years

Expected exit time

50 bln.$

2021 total fintech investment 


About Atimex 

Since 2018, our company has been creating investment and trading strategies which allow to generate 3-5 times higher returns than standard investment solutions

Over the last 3 years we built our operational effectiveness and we are ready for scaling up. In 2020, we improved all our operational KPIs by over 100%. Clients deposits reached $2m and in Q1 2021 we achieved break-even point.

Currently we focus our efforts on development of a platform service best described in one sentence: "Everything you need for investment in one place"

Сегодня команда сконцентрировал все силы на разработке финтех платформы, функционал которой можно описать в одном предложении: “Все, что нужно для инвестиций собрано в вашем смартфоне!”

С 2018 года наша компания создает стратегии инвестирования и торговли на финансовых рынках,  позволяющие получать прибыль в 3-5 раз больше, чем стандартные инвестиционные решения

За последние 3 года выстроены все бизнес-процессы. В 2020 году компания показала рост ключевых показателей на 100% и более. Клиентский портфель достиг 2 млн. долларов. По итогам 1 квартала 2021 года компания вышла на точку безубыточности

Сегодня команда сконцентрировал все силы на разработке финтех платформы, функционал которой можно описать в одном предложении: “Все, что нужно для инвестиций собрано в вашем смартфоне!”

2020 Results


Number of clients

2.5 mln.$ 

Clients deposits

5 bln.$ 

Trade Volume

+30% in month

Average yield
TOP-10 traders

5 000$

Average client capital in the Atimex investment platform

13 000 

YouTube subscribers


Development of key operational metrics

Results below show our readiness for scaling up 


Team Atimex

Alexey Shevtsov


Timur Aslanov

Head of the Trading Academy

Olga Borovets

Partner Network Development Director

Roman Voronin

Marketing director

Vladimir Kudin

Head of the Investment Academy


Financial Markets Potential

The capitalization of the global stock market is growing at a rate of several trillions a year. More and more people are investing in stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and other assets. Major central banks print trillions to restart their economies, most of which spill over to the stock market.

Apart from the printing press of central banks, zero bank deposit rates force people to look for alternative investment options. Over the past five months of 2021, the number of registered users on the Moscow stock exchange has exceeded 20 million, and in the past three years it has been growing at a rate of more than 100% per year.

Our key competitors, who develop fintech platforms, are now worth billions of dollars and are gradually ousting brokerage companies that have been on the market for more than 25 years. For example, Tinkoff Bank, which launched its investment platform in 2018, has already taken over 60% of the market due to a convenient mobile application and thoughtful marketing.

Despite the high competition, we see the problems that investors are facing or will face in the near future, and our goal is to solve them through Atimex platform.


Problems faced by modern investors

Low profitability

Low interest rates, or even negative, are below expectation of most of investors

Difficulty of choice

Finding the right investment opportunity is demanding for many investors as there are many different options possible.

Fear of loss

Investors are missing proper risk management tools and principles.

Lack of time

Most investors simply don’t have time to properly manage their investments.


Platform Atimex

All investment solutions and financial technologies in your smartphone:

1. Constructor of algorithmic strategies
2. Marketplace with personalized recommendations
3. Portfolios with automatic capital protection
4. Aggregator of related financial services


TOP-5 in the fintech platforms market by 2025


Constructor of algorithmic strategies and portfolios

Everyone will be able to create their own strategy within 30 minutes choosing from hundreds of assets. Clients will be able to choose from many possible strategies which expexted return will be significantly higher than benchmark. We aim to deliver this by end of 2021 and have 10 people are working on it. All of them have broad experience in asset management and programming of trading robots.


Marketplace with personalized recommendations

Investors who do not know what to invest in will be provided with a convenient marketplace that will recommend assets similart to Netflix or Spotify. The algorithm will analyze the interests of the client and offer assets suitable for this particular investor, which are in the portfolios of large hedge funds and successful investors


Portfolios with automatic capital protection

The capital protection algorithm will help the investor to quickly exclude any investment assets from the portfolio to minimize possible losses. In addition to the, investors will receive a tool for auto-buying assets at low prices. Thanks to those algorithms, portfolio rebalancing will not create any difficulties even for a beginner.


Fintech aggregator in a smartphone

Thans to integration with other major platforms, users of the Atimex platform will receive the most popular and demanded financial services in one application, available on any device. The company's clients will be able to exchange currencies, transfer funds to friends, and participate in IPOs without leaving the platform. All this will attract mass investors and traders.


Multifunctional mobile fintech platform

One place for anything that a modern investor needs for investment. All possible asset classes, strategies with higher returns than the benchmark, an adaptive recommendation algorithm, training, an affiliate program, investor asset management and many other convenient services.


Clients benefits

What will help to attract user to Atimex?

A wide range of assets, advanced technologies for creating algorithmic strategies, convenient service and in-demand services

This will allow us to attract over 100,000 clients with a total portfolio of $ 500 million. Such results have already been achieved by three banks in the Russian Federation: Tinkoff, Sberbank and VTB, however, they provide services only in the Russian market.

In order to accumulate such a client portfolio, we will offer our clients the most popular services: exchange of crypto and fiat currencies, an investment wallet with a fixed income, transfers to other clients within the platform, access for small investors to an IPO, investing in stocks without commission, and so on.

We do not plan to make a mark-up for these services, so clients will receive some of the most favorable conditions on the market that no company can provide.


Atimex and its competitors

The ideal fintech platform of the future should provide more than just an opportunity to invest or trade. The future belongs to sites that cover all the needs of a modern person. Therefore, we incorporated into the Atimex concept not only our fintech developments, but also the most popular services in the current market.


5 licenses in Russia, EU, Asia, Africa, UAE

Our goal is to be become fast growing fintech company, starting in Russian speaking countries with further expansion on international markets. We have been cooperating with a licensed broker in the Republic of Belarus since 2018, which allows us to attract clients throughout the CIS. In the next 5 years, we plan to obtain our licenses in the EU, RF, Asia, Africa, the UAE in order to freely advertise and conduct operations. In 2023, we will start with Germany, Switzerland and Austria, since there are more than $ 3 trillion in bank deposits here and low profitability in banks


Financial model

The business scaling scheme in our area depends, on the one hand, on the team and product, and on the other hand, on marketing costs. Taking into account the fact that our team has been formed, business processes have been built and an investment platform has been prepared, we need funds for business development. An investment of $ 80 million in advertising can attract 10-20 times more deposits, depending on the size of the company. Then, within a year, receive 36% in the form of income from borrowed funds and, as a result, taking into account all costs, generate a profit of 45% of income. Over time, the profit share will increase with significant marketing costs. XTB и Plus500 reporting.


Actual and projected performance


How will we spend 5M raised in round A?


Expected return on invested capital 

Our goal is to attract investments in three rounds in 2021, 2022 and 2023. We are considering being joined by a strategic private investor or an investment fund and, at the third stage, raise capital through an IPO. The investor can increase the invested capital up to 5.5 times and, if desired, exit the investment in the next rounds


Investment summary 


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