23 СЕНТЯБРЯ 18:00

Methodology of active investment in stocks

We will teach in 85 minutes how to determine the trend and accurately find the moment of purchase manually and automatically

24 February at 18:00

До начала

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What is going to be:


The problems of the modern investor on the stock market

  • Real average annual return on the stock market
  • Influence of inflation on the investor's annual return
  • Active portfolio management versus investment
    to indices
  • Setting goals in a newcomer investor's calculator


18:00 – 18:25 (25 minutes)


Active investment
in stocks strategy (AIS)

  • Strategy statistics for several years
  • Selection principle for active investment shares
  • Determining the market phase
    (trend detection)
  • Determining the entry and exit points of the transaction

18:25 – 18:55 (30 minutes)


Automation of the MANN active investment strategy

  • Automatic search for entry signals with the Strategy panel
  • Conducting transactions using Transaction management module
  • Automation of all processes with the MANN BOT robot

18:55 – 19:10 (15 minutes)


Announcement of the next master class "Filtering low-quality deals"

  • Workshop program and recording link
  • Free test of panels and Atimex robot for a week
  • Answering audience questions

19:10 – 19:25 (15 minutes)

Мастер-класс подойдет:

Новичкам в акциях

Тем, кто не знает с чего начать, но хочет инвестировать в акции компаний    

Трейдерам с опытом

Тем, кто хочет освоить новую стратегию и научиться стабильно извлекать прибыль из рынка

Действующим инвесторам

Тем, кто хочет найти дополнительный инструмент для инвестирования и снизить риск в своем портфеле

Workshop is suitable for:

  • Newcomers in stocks

For those who do not know where to start, but want to invest in company stocks

  • Experienced traders

For those who want to master a new strategy and learn how to consistently extract profit from the market

  • Active investors

For those who want to find an additional investment tool and reduce the risk in their portfolio

As a result:

Practical knowledge

Goal setting in the investor calculator

Ability to determine the trend and entry point on the market

Understanding of automation tools

Communication with the author

Strengths and weaknesses of the strategy

Why does the author teach on the strategy

How to start investing by the strategy

Free testing

Free week test of Strategy panel andTransaction management module

Free week test of MANN BOT from Atimex

Young fighter course with Atimex consultant

The next step

Choosing a direction trader/investor

Individual consultation on product selection

Access to the workshop "Filtering low-quality transactions"


Vladimir Kudin

Co-founder and partner of Atimex fintech company. In financial markets since 2015. Higher technical and economic education. I specialize in automated systems. I develop systems for active investment on the stock market.

90% of newcomer investors expect 100% of the stock market per year, but receive a maximum of 10%. This workshop is for those who are not ready to put up with this state of affairs.

Why do people select our methodology?

We use a modern block system for creating strategies, which allows you to automate some of the processes

We not only teach methods and strategies, but also use them ourselves when investing on the stock market

We conduct free workshops and trading rooms where we analyze difficult situations on the stock market

The service of connecting to the robot is available for passive investors. The robot itself makes deals under the control of the author of the strategy

After the workshop, everything is just beginning. Working with a mentor, closed chat of traders, constant updating of the strategy


Possibility of profit-making while performing transactions on OTC Forex market is inextricably connected with the risk of loss. This activity is appropriate for not all the investors and traders. Leverage increase raises the risk while performing transactions. The results of previous trading operations do not guarantee the same results in the future.


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