Hey. I am Vladimir Kudin.
I help beginners get the most
out of from
 financial markets

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Are you facing similar problems?

  • Stocks, bonds, currencies - it's like flying into space? 
  • Don't have time to master trading and investing? 
  • Has it gone beyond the demo account?

Get free access to the "Course for Beginners" right now and after 1 hour of watching you will distinguish a trader from an investor and will be able to choose the financial market that suits you

The course is suitable even if you do not have the knowledge and time. Watch 2-3 videos a day and  after 1 week you will be able to perform your first transaction on a demo account

My course will suit you if one of the characters is close to you

Ivan, 34 years

I want my savings to be profitable. I don't have time to watch endless videos on YouTube. I need a full-fledged course from scratch to a ready-made trading strategy on the financial markets

Valery, 48 years

I want to try a new activity. Financial markets can be my hobby and profitable business at the same time. I need a mentor to help me master the basics of trading

Elena, 28 years

I am not satisfied with my income level, but it is difficult to find another job in my city. I need an express course in an accessible language to understand whether trading will allow me to earn more money or not

Nikita, 23 years

I have money and time. I want to find an interesting and profitable occupation for myself. And at the same time, so that do not sit in the office and not work as an employee

Four reasons why you should take a course

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1st transaction on a demo account in 1 hour

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it suits you

Additional post-course education

As soon as you leave a request, you will immediately get access to the 1st module of the course:

"Our knowledge and your aspiration are the key to your success on the financial markets"


3 years we educate people on financial markets


Over 700 online workshops and reviews


Strategies for 5 popular financial markets

Are you ready to allocate 10-15 minutes a day to confidently navigate the financial markets in a couple of weeks?

Leave a request and immediately get access to the first eight lessons of the course

All you need is to leave a request and start watching several lessons a day

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Возможность получения прибыли при совершении операций на финансовых рынках неразрывно связана с риском получения убытков. Данная деятельность подходит не всем инвесторам и трейдерам. Увеличение кредитного плеча повышает риск при совершении операции. Результаты операций в прошлом никак не связаны с возможными результатами в будущем и не могут гарантировать безусловное получение дохода по новым операциям


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